Lancôme Campaign Sites 2012

I designed several campaign sites for Lancôme in 2012. These two were my favorites. Both ideas and designs were clean and simple. 

For BLANC EXPERT, the skin whitening product of Lancôme, we invited ten well-known beauty professions and fashion specialties to show their experience and methods of using it. We also let customers participate in questionnaires and sharing. They could also present their own opinions, participated in the website’s lottery. 

For TRéSOR perfume, we designed a campaign named "Remeber me". To present the influential power of its odor, we had an idea of travelling around the world. We used 2200 pictures of different cities, along with offline TVC music, which was played by frame. Customers could choose to stop at any scenery of the city they like, edit words and images on this menu, and then make it to a postcard and email to their friends. This helped us accomplish our goal of sharing and spreading.

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