Imagination Factory

The One Show / 2015 Young ones competition
Kids and Technology

The idea for the Imagination Factory came from understanding that children are extremely creative and full of wild ideas. However, they often lack a guide of sorts to help them grow into a place where they can use their imaginations to positively impact their futures. We realized that technology has the ability to fill this gap, and act as a bridge between imagination and reality. This idea was put into the words “The Imagination Factory,” a place allows kids imaginations and futures to flourish simultaneously. The Imagination Factory’s purpose took on many different functions before the idea was finalized. It went from being a platform to make physical products from children’s digital sketches to an app using augmented reality. Then it became a physical location where kids to go to use technology, and a partnership with existing organizations such as MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) before eventually turning into a traveling organization from the idea of a traveling circus full of technology.

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